Vivid Sydney through the lens of a smartphone

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Each year, Vivid Sydney brings a cavalcade of light shows, projections and related events to the harbour city.

While the event attracts photographers in droves, armed with cameras of all descriptions and tripods at full tilt, how does a smartphone stand up to the pack when it comes to low-light capture?

It's a challenge met aptly — at least on paper — by the camera module on the Nokia Lumia 920. A bright f/2.0 lens and optical image stabilisation is desirable on stand-alone cameras, let alone a mobile phone. We took the 920 for a spin around the light installations to see what we could capture without a tripod.

All photos were taken on the Lumia 920 with the default camera app, which only allows for exposure compensation, ISO and scene adjustments. No modifications to the images have been made apart from cropping and resizing for web. See how the camera held up in the dark of night.

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