Vodafone 1210

Want a Blackberry, but can't stretch the business budget to afford one? Vodafone's 1210 might suit your needs, but you'll need to put up with a lot of compromises along the way.

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  • JeepCub



    "Apart from one issue I rate this handset quite well. For what it is, the functionality is hard to beat."

  • Shiraz



    "I paid $150 for this from Vodafone - run out stock. for the price, the phone is fantastic. considering any other prepaid phone is roughly the same, for the price this tops it all. "

  • Peter Ellis

    Peter Ellis


    "To follow on from my previous comments of this disaster of a phone, after almost 3 months of it being returned for repairs, Vodafone have finally offered a credit on it.
    My choice is the Nok..."

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