Vodafone bolsters broadband caps

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VHA has today released a new mobile broadband allowance on its Vodafone network, which puts daylight between its offering and that of its competitors Optus and Telstra.

The tweaked mobile broadband caps will now include more data at each of the company's four pricing tiers, offering 1.5GB for AU$15 per month, 4GB for AU$29, 8GB for AU$39 and 10GB for AU$49 when customers choose a post-paid monthly commitment, with data calculated in 1MB increments.

For those who don't like to be tied in to contracts, the new caps can be taken on a month-to-month basis, though customers will have to bring their own modem or pay AU$79 for a new HSDPA USB modem.

These new plans offer much more data than is on offer from Optus and Telstra, especially when compared with the more expensive plans offered across the telcos.

For AU$55 per month, Optus customers will receive 7GB for the first 12 months of their contract, followed by only half of this allowance for every month thereafter.

In comparison, 10GB of data per month on the Telstra Next G network will cost customers AU$119.95, more than twice what Vodafone customers will pay for the same allocation on the new caps.

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Carly posted a comment   

Best part is if you're an existing customer you can get an increase in your data volume without paying for it. I was previously on the 8gb $49 plan, when I found out they'd upped it I rang Vodafone & they increased my plan to 10gb without any extra cost =) My plan started as 7gb and I now have 3 free without paying a cent extra.


The Evil Muppet posted a comment   

@Walker - I would like to agree with you, but in this case Vodafone have a very hefty investment to justify in terms of spectrum.

Personally, I would like to know which moron works at all of Three, Vodafone and Optus who thinks terminating each and every mobile IP connection in Sydney is a remotely acceptable idea.


cgm75 posted a comment   

i have vivid wireless unlimited broadband $75 plus free wifi modem. Hellar fast aswell.. but you have to be in the perth....


Tommy posted a comment   

yes and Telstra Next G and their shareholders are in the lead fighting the NBN every inch of the way and still charging like a wounded bull to try and keep us in the middle ages of technology.


Walker posted a comment   

I don't know why anyone would pay this much for data when it costs the telcos bugger all.

We are being ripped off shamelessly in Australia for data usage.

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