Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G HSDPA USB Modem

Vodafone's compact USB modem boosts accessibility to the telco's high-speed 3G mobile network — but the speed can range from over 2Mbps to less than 300Kbps depending on your location.

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User Reviews / Comments  Vodafone Mobile Connect 3G HSDPA USB Modem



    "Speeds were good for a while connection was fine
    Then modem started dropping out i thought it was the Hardware took it apart soldered the internal aerial Bush to the PCB as its slid on and s..."

  • tarkineus


    "I totally supportand reiterate pistofs review which sums up this company concisely - "Vodaphone aka "Jokaphone" is a scam that only last night on the Southern Cross Network was exposed for its mess..."

  • rue


    "cuts out my virus scanner and freezes my lap top"

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