Vodafone opens 4G network to prepaid customers

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Vodafone's metropolitan-based 4G network is now available to existing prepaid customers from today, 17 October.

(Credit: Vodafone)

New prepaid customers will be able to join Vodafone and access the 4G speeds from mid-November.

Vodafone had initially rolled out 4G access only to existing customers on post-paid plans back in June, with new post-paid customers getting access one month later.

In a media statement, Vodafone chief marketing officer Kim Clarke said:

We're rewarding our existing prepaid customers by transitioning them to our super-fast wide-band 4G network first. Some have been with Vodafone for many years, and we want to ensure their move is a smooth one.

We also look forward to welcoming new prepaid customers to Vodafone's super-fast 4G network next month. Word of mouth is spreading fast, and we know many people are keen to try it out.

Vodafone has also changed its AU$40 prepaid plan to increase the data allowance and call credit. The adjusted plan now has 1GB of data (up from 750MB) and AU$750 of calls, along with unlimited texts.

Customers, both current and prospective, can check whether they're located with 4G coverage via Vodafone's website.

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AaronK1 posted a comment   

They will be alright, least for first few months,


JustinJ posted a comment   

Phone the Indian call centre 3 times before you decide to go with Voda. There's still a whole lot of fail in that company.


RaD posted a reply   

Try the Chinese call centre


DeanS2 posted a comment   

They cant even do a decent 3g network, why would you trust them to make a 4g network?

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