Vodafone, Optus reveal iPhone 5 pricing

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Vodafone and Optus have revealed iPhone 5 pricing on the same day pre-orders for the new device begin, virtually matching one another with comparable monthly plan rates.

(Credit: Apple)

Both telcos will offer the iPhone 5 on numerous plans, each with a flat plan fee plus a corresponding handset repayment option for plans under AU$80 per month. This handset cost is higher for iPhones with larger storage capacity.

Optus and Vodafone both identify the 16GB iPhone 5 for AU$6 per month on an AU$60 plan as being the stand out in terms of value. At this price, Vodafone customers get $700 worth of calls, unlimited text and 1GB of data, while Optus customers get $650 calls, unlimited text and 1.5GB of data each month.

A full list of Vodafone pricing is available in the table below, with more details on the Vodafone blog. Optus pricing and plan inclusions can be found here.

Vodafone's iPhone 5 plans.
(Credit: Screenshot CBSi)

In comparison to last year, both telcos are charging slightly more for the iPhone in 2012. An iPhone 4S was available for AU$0 upfront on AU$59 plans from both telcos, with 2GB of data included in these monthly contracts.

Telstra has also confirmed that it will range the iPhone 5 from launch day on September 21, though is yet to make public its pricing options.

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JasonS7 posted a comment   

except vodafone have no 4G LTE....


ChrisB4 posted a comment   

Any sign of any pre paid plans being made available?


Will1505 posted a reply   

It doesn't really change with pre-paid. Go on the offer you want and buy the phone outright


rendezvous posted a comment   

Telstra have already released their pricing plans for Iphone 5

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