Vodafone prices its Windows Phone range

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Vodafone today formally announced the Windows Phone additions to its range, pricing the HTC Windows Phone 8X and Lumia 820.

(Credit: HTC)

With prices matching the phone's respective specifications, the 8X is more expensive at $0 upfront on a AU$60 per month plan, while the Lumia 820 requires no handset repayment on an AU$50 plan.

Both phones feature 4G hardware too, and will operate on the Vodafone long-term evolution (LTE) network when it is rolled out next year.

Vodafone also offers a 30-day guarantee on all new hardware, including the 8X and Lumia 820. Customers can try the new phones on the Vodafone network for a month and, if they are unhappy with the service, they can return the phone and pay for what they have used in that first month.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 operating system is in the first stages of its roll out, with five devices announced for Australia so far. Samsung is the third vendor with a WP8 device en route for Aussie shores, with the Ativ 8 headed to Optus in the near future.

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ronyrao posted a comment   

They can return the phone and pay for what they have used in that first month,really??

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