Vodafone pushing Jelly Bean to Nexus S after false start

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Vodafone has announced that the Jelly Bean update for its customers with the Google Nexus S is rolling out now as an over-the-air update.

(Credit: Google)

The new firmware had been scheduled for release three weeks ago, but was delayed due to concerns that the build of Jelly Bean, which had been ready in July, didn't comply with Australia's emergency calling requirements.

The Nexus S will be the first phone in Australia to receive the update of the latest version of Android, and we expect that this will be followed shortly with an update for the Galaxy Nexus. Samsung and HTC are also rumoured to be close to releasing an update for recently released handsets, with the Galaxy S III tipped to enjoy Jelly Bean first and with Telstra expecting the delivery of Android 4.1 for the HTC One XL shortly.

The Jelly Bean update is primarily a performance update, with more of the system hardware accelerated than previously. The update will also include a new feature called Google Now, which attempts to learn about each user and deliver information like weather, traffic, navigation, lifestyle tips and sports results, without the users requesting them.

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CandiceB posted a comment   

I just did this update and now my phone isn't working AT ALL. I can't make calls, read messages, go into any menus or apps. It won't even do a factory reboot. Will be banging down Vodafone's door first thing tomorrow. Not happy.


KateM4 posted a comment   

I hate the new update. I hated the last update. I like Google now. Improve functions, but leave the phone alone. Keyboard changed again. Not happy. What's with changing the tones last time?? Arrgghhhh. So frustrated


SteveK3 posted a comment   

Very dispointed. Keeps locking phone.Some Apps not working. google Now slow and locks up. Hope it improves


JamesW7 posted a comment   

No updates for me yet, guess they're rolling it out slowly.


Im Batman posted a comment   

Good job .. bit of a false start, but they didn't take long.
So surprising to see the Nexus S updated before the Galaxy Nexus, just shows the difference between the updates direct from Google and the updates that have to take one extra step via Samsung.

We can only hope Joe, that the Galaxy Nexus update will follow shortly.


cftbla posted a comment   

Woke up to it already downloaded. Excited.

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