Vodafone release patch for HTC One X

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Vodafone Australia is pushing out a maintenance update for the HTC One X from this morning, addressing the stability of the system and improving its battery life.

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According to the Vodafone customer blog, the update is available today, and can be downloaded over the air. The file to be downloaded is 27MB in size. The blog points to a number of changes that will be made by installing the patch, including:

  • Enhanced system stability
  • Fixes to Wi-Fi, GPS and USB interface to improve battery performance
  • Improved camera support for Instagram
  • Intermittent display noise issue fixed
  • Slow motion and camera power-usage improvement
  • Signal-indicator improvement
  • USB to PC detection, tethering and internet pass-through fix
  • Wi-Fi indicator fix.

Owners of the One X should receive an automatic notification to begin downloading the update, but, if you don't, then you can go to the About Phone section of the system menu, choose System Updates and select the option to manually check for the update.

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