Vodafone starts per-KB data charging

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The telco has dropped its per-megabyte charge in favour of a per-kilobyte data charge for all prepaid services.

(Credit: Vodafone)

Before Christmas, Vodafone surveyed 10,000 customers regarding a move to simplify its prepaid services to a per-megabyte charging structure. According to Vodafone, the feedback received suggested that customers preferred simplicity, but had concerns over the megabyte pricing.

Yesterday, Vodafone announced that it would proceed with the simplified pricing system, but on a per-kilobyte basis.

From February this year, the minimum data session will be 1KB for all prepaid plans, as per the table below.

Vodafone's new data pricing.
(Credit: Vodafone)

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Im Batman posted a comment   

Per MB data sessions is pretty horrendous, glad they reduced it, standardising at 1kB is great, and will make them competitive, even 25kB is a normal like number.

People preferred simplicity but had concerns over the per MB pricing... simplicity might not mean standardise pricing structure and not to the top teir.

With the early changes to the prepaid structure, there was too much "take" and no "give" ... per MB sessions and no more unmetered social services... they really should have made the changes a bit more platable for people.

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