Vodafone to add 4G coverage to global roaming

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Vodafone has announced that from mid-2014 it will add 4G connectivity to its global roaming services.

(Credit: Vodafone)

Last year Vodafone revealed significant changes to how the telco would handle global roaming for customers. For an AU$5 per day charge, Red plan customers can use their phones in New Zealand, the UK, the US and much of Europe getting the same value of included calls and the data allowance as their standard contract. In essence, it's five bucks a day to use your phone exactly how you would in Australia.

Today the telco announced that by the middle of this year the global roaming deal will include 4G coverage in NZ, the UK and Europe.

Vodafone said that more countries will be added to the 4G coverage list "later" but no specific timing was given.

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