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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Vodafone to live-stream (Samsung Galaxy S3) launch

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(Credit: Vodafone)

Vodafone will be broadcasting a "major new product launch" live on Thursday morning, from 9:50am — a time that just happens to coincide with a Samsung event that we've been invited to, where, we are told, we'll be encouraged to "experience the latest innovation in technology".

Pardon us while we put two and two together.

The Vodafone coverage will be hosted by TV's Faustina Agolley (the artist formerly known as "Fuzzy") and interested parties can tune in here, on Thursday morning. The stream is available to watch on Vodafone mobiles too, though Windows Phone models are not supported.

Samsung is yet to confirm whether the product being launched on Thursday is the Galaxy S3 smartphone, or not. We'll be at the event, regardless, covering this mysterious announcement.

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brisuser posted a comment   

Am hoping the major new product launch will be unveiling of upgrades to their current mobile phone network to ensure users can access the internet at decent speeds and ensuring better mobile phone coverage. Worst mistake I made was to trust the vodaphone's own hype about its network upgrades. I live in 7km from Brisbane city and my coverage is still bad.


StuartT posted a comment   

Oh please tell me this isn't true. Could not think of a worse carrier to release the S3 on in Australia. What's the point of having a S3 if you can't get any reception on it.


calebj posted a reply   

true dat, but their reception is getting better.


Im Batman posted a comment   

good to see that there will be some good coverage.

Any clue why WP are not supported?? seems a bit stark... or is there a video streaming type that WP can't interpret?


Dunners posted a reply   


I find it funny that you used the phrase "good coverage" when describing Vodafone.

Ohh the irony.....


nowendoc posted a reply   

>is there a video streaming type that WP can't interpret?

yes, every known type for live streaming (apple hls, rtsp, mms) except Silverlight, which no-one else supports

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