Voda's iBundles: iPhones and iPads together at last

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Vodafone today confirmed it will be offering an Apple bundle from Friday, pairing an iPad 2 with any iPhone in the telco's range.

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The top package will cost AU$128 per month and will include a 64GB iPhone 4S handset plus a 64GB iPad 2, an Infinite calling and messaging plan plus 4.5GB data. Choosing a 16GB iPhone 4S drops the price of the pack to AU$110 each month.

iPad bundles are also available for customers choosing an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS. The cheapest bundle includes an 8GB iPhone 3GS handset and a 16GB iPad 2 for AU$69 per month.

Vodafone began selling iPad 2 tablets at the beginning of October, nearly six months after it was first available through Apple's own stores and its resellers. These new bundles will be the telco's second phone and tablet combination, having sold the BlackBerry Bold smartphone and PlayBook tablet together since mid-year.

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NataliaZ posted a comment   

Vodafone sales person is not aware of such bundle.So is the story true or another marketing trick?


RyanA1 posted a comment   

Yeah well it seems as though at the moment, they're only offering one bundle, and you have to add a phone to cart to see it. All you can do is add a 16GB iPad with the 1.5GB plan for another $40. You save.......five...dollars.


danielflynn posted a reply   

You clearly save more then $5. You're comparing a plan with a 16GB iPad 2 to a plan with a 64GB iPad 2. A plan for a 64GB iPad will obviously be a fair bit more then a plan for a 16GB iPad.


DavidW16 posted a comment   

Just got off the phone with Voda and there sayingther eis no bundle! What the hell?


RyanA1 posted a comment   

any more info on pricing? Can't find anything anywhere.

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