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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Vodka bottle with something to say

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(Credit: Medea Spirits)

Nothing like a story about a smart booze bottle to ease some parts of Australia back into the work week after the long Labour Day weekend, so check out this packaging gimmick from Medea vodka.

We can't comment on the quality of the beverage inside, but we can comment on the built-in customisable moving LED reader board that the company has put on every vodka bottle.

The messages scroll across the bottle one at a time and the bottle can be programmed to hold six messages of the drinker's choice, up to 255 characters each.

Our colleague Matt Hickey has suggested "The liver is evil and must be punished" or "You looked hotter last night". The mind boggles with the possibilities, and we're guessing a way to link to a Twitter feed can't be far off.

What would you program your vodka bottle to say? Unleash your inner wit and leave your suggestions below.


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an elephant


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remember when homer simpson tried to invent something? he said, just take an old idea and stick a clock on it.

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