Volkswagen Golf R (Mark VI)

The new four-wheel drive Golf R might have lost two cylinders and some kilos, but it gains more power, better performance and fuel economy figures. Shame Bluetooth and USB are still options.

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  • RRRRRRR,  Ahoy

    RRRRRRR, Ahoy


    "Took one for a test drive, great feel, smooth engine, and very linear power delivery.
    APR stage 1 tune will give 239 kw and 420 nm.

    Great car, placed order for 3 door, DSG and..."

  • Bond


    "It's 188 Kw - you need to get your facts right, before you start sounding so arrogant - checkout the VW website"

  • Person correcting the reviewer

    Person correcting the reviewer

    "The Golf R has 200 KW of power, not 188 (where on earth did u pull that from?)"

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