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The popular VSCO Cam app has finally landed on Android and will be available from tomorrow from Google Play.

(Credit: VSCO)

Visual Supply Co (VSCO) is responsible for some of the most successful film-emulation packs on the market. They are designed for photographers who want to achieve the same look and feel of certain film stocks when shooting on digital and editing in programs such as Lightroom.

The VSCO Cam app gives mobile photographers a similar experience with a set of presets and editing tools available to manipulate photos taken on a smartphone. Unlike apps such as Instagram, you can tweak many of the settings on each preset, such as adjusting fade, exposure and contrast.

The app has 10 presets and plenty of editing tools to get users started. Extra presets can be purchased through the app. The VSCO Grid publishing platform will also be accessible to Android users.

VSCO Cam has been available for iOS for some time and will finally make its debut for Android 4.0+ users tomorrow after a long period in beta testing. It will be available in the Google Play store and free to download.

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