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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Warm yourself on Bender's shiny metal ass

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Winter is coming in the ol' southern hemisphere, and what better way to heat your backyard than with the world's most obnoxious bending robot?

Sure, you could go out and get an outdoor heater — but we think we prefer the solution of engineer "Rob Halftroll" in the UK, who built himself a fireplace in the shape of one of our favourite lovable rascals of all time, Bender Bending Rodriguez.

Halftroll started with five old metal gas bottles — two at 13 kilograms, one at 19 kilograms and two big boys at 47 kilograms — and cut them into pieces to form Bender's body and head, welding all the pieces together as he went. Tube steel forms the arms, legs and fingers, and a chimney juts out from behind his head, neatly concealed.

It's actually quite a fiddly and involved process — our hats have to come off to Halftroll, who did all his bending human style to create a wood-burning heater we'd never, ever be able to stop showing off — and that, even in spite of itself, would be quite useful to humans.

Find out how to make a Bender of your very own on Halftroll's website.


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