Watch a Nissan Juke-R spank a trio of supercars in Dubai

When Nissan showed us renderings of a GT-R-powered Nissan Juke-R, we said, "Gee, that's neat". When it started building the darn thing, our interest was piqued.

Nissan put its GT-R-powered Juke-R to the test against a trio of bona fide supercars. Who will win?
(Credit: Nissan)

We have a video of this oddest of skunkworks supercars at a street race exhibition event in Dubai going wheel-to-wheel with the likes of a Lamborghini Gallardo, a Ferrari 458 Italia and a Mercedes-Benz SLS. Check it out below.

OK, so "wheel-to-wheel" was a bit of an overstatement as the Juke hands the trio of proper supercars their hats around an improvised short course. How did that happen?

Now, before you call shenanigans at this Nissan-sponsored event (even I questioned whether that Ferrari driver was giving it the full beans), remember that the Juke-R is powered by a 480-horsepower version of the Nissan GT-R's 3.8-litre, twin-turbocharged V6 and its complex ATTESA E-Pro all-wheel-drive system.

Would you be so shocked to learn that the GT-R is faster 'round a track than any of these cars? Probably not. Additionally, the Juke-R's shorter wheelbase likely gave it a cornering advantage around the relatively short track composed almost completely of 90-degree turns. Given a longer straight or more sweeping bends, this would have been a very different race.

Whatever the case, the Juke-R is real and it's really fast. As a two-off example of what engineers can do with a bit of imagination and a lot of freedom, that's good enough for me.


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ozoneocean posted a comment   

I don't know if it's they way this was filmed but it looks as if the Lamborghini is gingerly creeping around that track, afraid to it its paws dirty... Which is probably the case. It and the other two supercars are also extremely expensive, those drivers are being very careful.
And on that subject- the Nissain may be a fast little goer, but it looks like it was designed by Homer Simpson. And ultimately you don't spend money on expensive cars for their rally performance anyway.


Bodman456 posted a comment   



ShivneetS posted a comment   

thats crazy

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