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Foxtel's eight channels of London 2012 have gone live, and if you're not a full Foxtel subscriber, you can still get in on the action. For Xbox 360 or Samsung smart TV owners, you can get all of the Olympic channels through the Foxtel IPTV service for an AU$50 one-off fee.

Foxtel's London 2012 service on Samsung smart TV.
(Credit: Foxtel)

You will need to pay for one month of whichever IPTV service you have access to, which costs AU$19.50 for a basic package. From there, you can add on the AU$50 London 2012 pack to get a mainline injection of every single moment that the Olympics has to offer.

On Xbox 360, the channels will deliver as a standard set of channels. But on Samsung smart TV, the service offers the added benefit of seeing all eight channels at once, as well as split views to watch sport while also keeping an eye on the medal tally.

Who's tempted?

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signorebravo posted a comment   

Damn unfair that Panasonic don't offer the FOXTEL app for their TV's. Seems Panasonic are always behind the others when it comes to Smart TV offerings. Panasonic customers are still waiting for SBS and Channel 10 On Demand IPTV.... it's been on SONY Bravia Smart TV for ages!!!!


RobV1 posted a comment   

So really it's nearly $70 for the month + Internet access (+ xbl gold for Xbox users) for something that comes free with the standard Foxtel sports package?Gimme a break.I cancelled my Foxtel on Xbox last night. Though the Samsung integration sounds interesting, Foxtel have to improve the programming and value for money of this service.So no, I'm not tempted.


Carbonaceous posted a reply   

Well said RobV1! I fail to see the point of Fuxtel on Xbox 'cause of the accumulated cost of access. The basic packages are full of mindless dross anyway. When they allow you to pick and choose the channels in a package, and when they do a deal with ISP's other than BigPond on downloads I might be intersted. Until then it's a waste of money.

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