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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is due to launch on 23 November, with a brand new power that sees Link able to flatten himself into 2D.

(Credit: Nintendo)

Set in the same world, which means the same overland map, as A Link to the Past, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds returns to a beloved classic, with some seriously updated gameplay.

We've already seen nine minutes of it in a gameplay trailer released in April, when the game was announced, revealing that the game will play in both 3D and 2D because Link will be able to flatten himself to travel in walls.

What we hadn't seen much of was the story — teased in the new official trailer for the game. It appears the Big Bad of the new game is not Legend of Zelda mainstay Ganon, which makes sense since Ganon was defeated in A Link to the Past, but a woman with a mysterious power, which Link must master himself in order to overcome her.

Somehow a new kingdom also comes into play: not Hyrule, but Lorule — perhaps a mirror world? — which is seeking to borrow our hero to defeat an evil that threatens. This gives an extra meaning to the game's title — Link can not only slip between dimensions, but between worlds.

Also, Zelda totally gets kidnapped again. That girl really needs better guards and a few self-defence classes.

We're feeling pretty hyped. A Link Between Worlds will launch for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS on Saturday, 23 November.

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