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Josh posted a comment   

well maybe if the national broadband network goes through and isnt cancelled.


it would be quicker to get on a plane, fly to sydney, buy your blu ray, and fly home to watch it.


Gregaruss posted a comment   

Good to see that people are starting to use their heads on this and that if people pay for media they like to access it on THEIR terms.

I would have no problem paying for this (assuming their is not a premium price).


gregaruss posted a reply   

oops- sorry for typos


Schneider82 posted a comment   

I think Sony and the like are starting to learn content is now not going to be sold at a store and they better get use to it. The easiest way to do this is to set up a streaming data bank in every format then when people buy content they stream it to their tv or mobile or sync it. The whole industry needs to come together. Most people would rather pay but their is no REAL option at the moment and the cost is too high. They need to do a cost evaluation and set the price accordingly. This is a great opportunity for the Movie industry but just like the Music industry it seems they need to be lead by the hand though it.


Technofreak posted a comment   

If they make it too hard to get movies on "ANY" device regardless of brand then piracy will still be strong.

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