Week 3 with the Officejet Pro

This week has been good! I have printed many photos and I am quite happy with them! Printing with professional papers is always a good thing with inkjets. Printing in black, photocopying and scanning have been all very good and productive.

Being an Hewitt Packard (HP) printer, I am finding that the printer itself, while good and solid, is not the only thing you get when buying this printer.

HP is not only providing support for its PrintApps, as well as its ePrint system; it also has a whole website of templates for you to explore and use for your business' printing needs. As a graphic designer, I would rather have certain things printed offset, but I, too, know what it is like to need something now!

Desktop publishing

On the HP site, there is an SMB section with plenty of Microsoft (MS) Word templates for you to use. I don't doubt that these templates are well built, and relatively easy to modify, but it is the printability of these on normal paper that interests me! Also, not having MS Word on my computer was a bit of a hassle, so I have downloaded a trial version to test out.

My report takes the form of a proposal for a website project, and I am using a template called the HealthStylish Proposal Kit.

All going smoothly, choosing a template.
(Credit: Felix Mak)

My proposal in Microsoft Word.
(Credit: Felix Mak)

Editing in MS Word was pretty easy, as it is pretty easy to use. Printing the report, however, was not too good. I had a bit of a problem with the ink wrinkling my paper. Also, images show up through the other side of the paper. I have a feeling that a colour laser would do much better than using these templates — or I need thicker paper!

Unhappiness at a wrinkly report.
(Credit: Felix Mak)

I decided to give this one more go and ensured that the settings were for plain paper, instead of default, and unfortunately it was not much better ...It is hard for me to say, but doing anything with decent ink coverage is going to wrinkle. Light colours will be less so, but medium to heavy coverage is going to be a problem without experimentation.

While I have one more week with this printer, I will be trying out some more things in the way of desktop publishing.

Remote printing

One of the most awesome features is being able to email documents to the printer. Using the printer's email address has been a great way to get things printed while I am out and about! There is not much to tell. It just works. It will print as a part of your normal schedule for printing, if you have set it up that way. It is an awesome time saver that I can imagine taking for granted and saying, "Why doesn't your printer have an email address?" to my compatriots!

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