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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Western Digital launches WDStore in Australia

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(Credit: Western Digital)

Western Digital has launched its online store in Australia, allowing people to buy its products directly over the internet.

To celebrate, it's offering AU$15 off any purchase over AU$150 — all you have to do is enter the code WELCOME at the check out. Purchases over AU$150 also qualify for free shipping.

It marks an interesting direction for Western Digital, which is now competing directly with brick and mortar stores. Computer shop owners shouldn't be scared yet though, as prices all seem to be RRP — meaning parts are offered at a premium compared to what you can find on StaticIce. Sometimes there's no difference, sometimes there's a huge gulf.

The offerings aren't complete either: at the time of writing the only internal drive offered was the GreenPower 1TB, sold at AU$50 above market average. Most other categories are well represented.

Western Digital promises "creative product bundles, exclusive accessories and customisations" to set the store apart, and there are indeed some fancy carry cases and useful things like replacement cables and remotes.

While we welcome any form of cutting out the middle man, usually this is because it comes with an associated price drop. Spare parts aside, we'll hazard a guess that people will simply buy from where it's cheaper, which for the moment isn't the WD Store.


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PatBris posted a comment   

All of these manufacturers need to price in the soaring Aussie dollar, currently I can buy a My Book Studio 2TB from Amazon in the US and have it shipped here for $225, same drive from their online shop is $399.99 + postage, you do the maths!


totoaus posted a comment   

I hope this means better support. I once had to ship a dead HDD from my PC to Singapore and wait 3 weeks for testing and a replacement. This was NOT with Western Digital and I won't say who is was.
Another example I have is confusion with FLASH products (again, not WD) where the online paperwork was done and yet they had a disconnect for weeeks, not realizing I had returned the product as requested.
If WD can provide quick and accurate local service and support through a local online store then I hope they do well.

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