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User Reviews / Comments  Western Digital WD TV Live

  • NotmiR



    "Plays most files okay, but can't fast forward or review many files. Those that will FF or review wont go to where you want: fast forward to 8:30, press play and the video will start playing at 12:3..."

  • AlanF1



    "Western Digital has failed to add the most important thing - a "browser". This means you do not have the freedom to see what you want on the net. When approached, WD were not at all helpful and fel..."

  • Bobby Sole

    Bobby Sole

    "I purchased a WDTV live so that I could take my PC out of my Media set up. I have about 500Gb of music files and about 250Gb of photos. I used my PC with iTunes to sort my music files and get acces..."

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