Westpac and MasterCard trial SIM + NFC phone payment system

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In a world first, Westpac is trialling a system that stores debit card data in your phone's SIM card, to work with any MasterCard PayPass payment system.

Galaxy S III is Westpac's trial handset.
(Credit: Samsung)

The new mobile contactless payment app will work on NFC-enabled Android handsets and can make payments by tapping at PayPass terminals, which are now widely available in stores.

Our sister site ZDNet reported that the current trial, which starts today, includes around 100 customers, with the trial running for three months.

The Commonwealth Bank has launched NFC payments via a special iPhone case, and has expressed frustration that Google has moved slowly to bring Google Wallet to Australia, to support NFC payments on Android. This move to store the secure data on the SIM card cuts Google out of the equation, while also allowing easy movement of your secure payment details from one phone to another.

Westpac has made no commitment to launching the system beyond the trial, but indicated that feedback from the trial will be "instrumental" in further development and integration of any final product offering.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

Hey Seamus... Just wondering if you could get an update from westpac on how they felt the trial went etc..


ThomasK1 posted a comment   

I am a Westpac customer and interested to trial this phonepay stuff, how do I apply please?


Im Batman posted a comment   

Very cool, 100 people, not a big trial, if there was only a way to get included.

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