Whaddyareckon?: How green are you?

With the second annual Earth Hour recently taking place around the world, environmental issues are at the front of people's minds -- including the tech-happy.

As owners of new plasma TVs are shocked to discover when they receive their energy bill, hot products can chew through a serious amount of electrons. Then there's the disposable nature of the gadget industry; the desire to have the latest iPod or mobile phone means we're chucking out perfectly good devices just because they're a year old.

All this is bad news for poor old Mother Nature. But when it's a case of giving up tech toys to preserve the earth, are we all talk and no action? In this week's show, we ask what you're doing to save the world. From switching off PCs to eagerly awaiting Armageddon, the responses will surprise you.

How green are you? Tell us in our CNET.com.au forums or in the Whaddyareckon? Facebook group.

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