Whaddyareckon?: Naming your gadgets

Buying a gadget that reflects your personality and preferences is just too easy these days. From a rainbow of colour choices to swappable faceplates, products are increasingly being tailored to our exacting tastes.

But is a new colour personal enough? Some of us are taking the relationship with our devices one step further and bestowing pet names on our phones, PCs and MP3 players.

In this week's Whaddyareckon? we find out what names people have given their tech toys. Some are perfectly logical, while others make no sense at all.

Is your iPod called Trevor? Tell us in the forums or in our Whaddyareckon? group on Facebook.

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tickles posted a comment   

LOL. it is true. well, I thought I was a nuthead for years together with my bff who named our gadgets. i was just on twitter right now when I saw one of my fave actress Rachel Nichols stated that she lost "stewart". thinking a nephew godson et al was missing. only to find out it was her iphone. =)

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