What is HDMI 1.4?

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HDMI has been with us for several years, but version 1.4 is an important update and so we walk you through what it is and why you need it.

For more in-depth information on HDMI connectivity and how it's different from analog cabling, see our feature Why HDMI? What you need to know before going digital.

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marquesa posted a comment   

I have a question. Does HDMI work with video machines? I am on pension and cant afford new equipment.Someone gave me a HD set top box with HDMI but I want to record programmes.


wood posted a comment   

I just purchased packaged set of Solecable 1.4 HDMI cables. I have had them less than a week and one cable has malfunctioned already. I sent a email informing them of the problem and ask how I could return the cable for reimbursement. A few seconds after their site was disabled. It appears they are a scam.Live and learn!


tikkaplus posted a reply   

WOW... That's kind of harsh. Pretty quick to go straight to the "Scam" label. Looks like their site (http://www.solecable.com) is more than up and running right now. I even phoned HDMI.org and they vouched for them, believe it or not.

Well, like I said, I bought a whole bunch of them and they came in last week... They're better than any cable I've used in the past. The customer service was tip top too.


jtmjnow posted a comment   

What do you know about a company called solecable who sells 1.4 HDMI cables. Are they legit?



tikkaplus posted a reply   

Yeah, they're definitely legit... I just got a whole bunch of cables from them last week... Had a much better experience with them than I did with the folks at monoprice... Plus, I like how solecables are white, they blend in with my walls (as opposed to black cables, which obviously don't)...


Ladyfingers posted a comment   

What do they mean by support for the Adobe RGB colour space? It's still 24b/px, it's just the display device assigns different saturation values for each RGB hue.

Do they mean that source devices will be able to add a flag to indicate the colour-space so that the display can switch gamut automatically? Seems dumb if all you had to do was set the display to full gamut properly colour manage the source.

For instance, my PC is properly colour-managed and my WCG Sony displays Adobe RGB values and sRGB values in the same browser correctly.


Doofus posted a comment   

Should be a 15 second ad.


orchids posted a reply   

Nice article!!


Idiot posted a reply   

rightly said


waheed posted a reply   

good quality


waheed posted a reply   

good quality


Idiot posted a reply   

rightly said


waheed posted a reply   

good quality

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