What is the difference between MTP, UMS and MSC MP3 players?

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UMS and MSC are the same thing. This type of player functions as a mass storage device, and will show up on your computer as an external drive (eg "E:\"), just like a USB key or portable hard drive. You drag and drop your music files -- an application such as Windows Media Player is not required in order to transfer songs. You can put your music into folders if you want to sort it by artist, and these folders will show upon your device. Otherwise, the songs will be listed alphabetically.

With MTP, you will often need to use a program like Media Player in order to transfer files. The format also allows for metadata (album covers, automatic organisation of songs by artist, title and album).

If you have a Mac (and don't want to delve into the world of iPods), you'll want to go for a UMS player, as these should show up as an external drive on your computer. MTP players tend not to be compatible without a third-party program and a lot of fiddling around, and even then it's not guaranteed.

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MTP_BlockFreedomOfSpeech posted a comment   

MTP is woeful for anyone creating and editing their own data. Just try and find a photo amungst the hundreds or even thousands you have on your device when you don't have preview thumbnails.

Not to mention that you get no warning that just trying to view any file on your device from a Windows PC results in a copy being made to the computers unsecured temp directory that is viewable by anyone else that logs in. If you had any invention ideas that you opened on a computer not your own, too bad, that copy is now beyond your control. And that video that your GF that you just had to peak at before going home from work, it's now there ready and waiting for the next shift to log into your computer.

Enjoy your MTP ****


Rowen Hood posted a comment   

It seems you know a lot about this stuff. Could you tell me what brand of mp3 is a MW3317?


hachis posted a comment   

Same question with linux - UMS and MSC will both just mount as another external drive?


Anonymous_ posted a comment   

THX for this answer! I do not know what is MTP mode, before you give me this answer.


some other guy posted a comment   

since the original question refered to the compability to macs, the answer were very long and didnt leave a definete answer at all.

ums players (iriver among others) are compatible with all types of operating systems and hardware that support usb ports. dont ever support ipods and such junk that use their own stupid formats and applications to transfer music or video to the device.


anonymous posted a comment   

Good explanation! Thank you.

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