What to expect from Computex 2012

Computex — the largest IT trade show in Asia — starts 5 June where the biggest tech names will be showing off their latest gadgets and technologies. The trade show is a sprawling affair that will take up multiple convention halls and covers practically everything from business tech, to components and networking.

Part of Intel's new Ultrabook infographic, heralding touch and convertible models. (Click image to see the entire infographic)
(Credit: Intel)

This year, all eyes are likely to be on Intel, which is promising to blitz us with a new wave of Ultrabooks. These new models will include laptops that are equipped with touchscreens, to take advantage of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS — the most recent build of the operating system is available for download.

These Ultrabooks will feature Intel's latest third-generation Core-i processors, aka Ivy Bridge. These are new dual-core and ultra-low-voltage processor variants which were revealed recently. Intel has also restated its Ultrabook requirements for Ivy Bridge-powered models. You can read the entire list here, but in a nutshell, besides being ultrathin, highly responsive and having good battery life of at least 5 hours, new Ultrabooks must have either USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt connectors. They should also support Intel Anti-Theft and Identity Protection technologies.

With Intel touting up to 110 new Ultrabook designs, you can expect every PC manufacturer at Computex to have at least one model on display. Some vendors, such as Gigabyte, have already announced new ultrathin models that fit the Ultrabook mould, while we're likely to see (and get our hands on) more next week.

Intel's Ultrabook initiative is an attempt by the chip giant to counter the growing number of tablets in the market, which use ARM processors instead. According to Bloomberg, Acer, Asus and Toshiba are all expected to launch new slates that are running on Windows 8 ARM at Computex. These tablets will likely use ARM-based chips from companies such as Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments, though Acer's model is said to be based on Intel's Clover Trail platform.

So far, we haven't really heard as much about the ARM version of Windows 8, compared with the x86 platform, and this would be a good opportunity to find out how the OS works on tablet hardware. With Android slates failing to put a dent in the iPad's popularity, manufacturers are clearly eager to try again, but with Windows 8.

Asus' latest teaser video showed a water droplet splitting into two with the Android and Windows logos in each.
(Credit: Asus)

One company that has been building up its Computex press event is Asus. The Taiwanese company previously used the venue to unveil new and interesting products — the PadFone was announced last year. So far, there are a number of teaser videos, including what appears to be a dual-boot device (Android and Windows). Another seems to hint at a device with a double-sided touchscreen. Along with an earlier video that mentions "Next Transformations", we're guessing that there would be more than one Transformer Pad on display.

Another company that we're interested in is Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which recently launched its Trinity accelerated processing units (APUs), seeking to get a slice of the ultrathin notebook pie. We already know of at least one major vendor — Hewlett-Packard (HP) — using these new chips in its Ultrabook-like Sleekbooks, and we're keen to know what AMD is doing to push its processors in the face of Intel's aggressive marketing.

Besides the twin towers of Ultrabooks and Windows 8, you can expect new products and technologies, covering a wide range of tech categories. For those who are interested in components, such as casings and cooler fans, we're anticipating a slew of new models that will dazzle you with their flashy designs and LED lights. We're also looking at featuring new solid-state drives (SSDs) that are likely to be on display, given the numerous memory and SSD vendors at the trade show. And let's not forget the other attractions that can be found at Computex.

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The droplets apparently refer to Asus' partnership with a company to run Android apps on Windows.

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