What would a Pokémon Center look like in real life?

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Environment artist and aspiring video-game level designer Evan Liaw has rendered a stunning concept of what a Pokémon Center might look like in the real world.

If there's something Pokémon fans would dearly love, it's a 3D version of the monster-collecting RPG. Attempts have been made — but these gorgeously life-like renders by artist Evan Liaw demonstrates the dream.

He's re-imagined the Pokémon Centers: the facilities in most villages in the game that allows you to heal and rest your wounded and tired Pokémon, and stock up on Pokémon supplies, such as potions, treats and Pokéballs.

Alas, they're not official — as Liaw told CNET Australia, he built them to practice his skills and to demonstrate what he could do as part of his online portfolio.

"A lot of aspiring environment artists do some kind of sci-fi scenes for their portfolio. It's good practice," he told us. "I'm still fairly new at this, so there were so many things I needed to learn and think about that working off of an existing concept just made things simpler and more manageable. It just seemed like a fun idea to imagine what Pokémon might look like in a real, functioning space and rendered in real time (I wanted to be able to walk around in it). Like what kind of things would you find in a Pokémon Center (a lounge, sleep area, trading stations, bathrooms, etc). I did a lot of research and seems like from the anime, Pokemon really isn't too far away from sci-fi. I just thought it'd be fun to try and push it to full-blown sci-fi. Basically, I was just trying to learn how to make environment art, and tried to have some fun while doing it."

The result — as you can see from the gallery below — looks better than anything we might expect to see on the Wii.

Head over to Liaw's online portfolio for more images.

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