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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

What your smartphone says about you

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Former editor of CNET Australia, Pam loves being in the thick of the ever-growing love affair (well addiction, really) that Australians have with their phones, digital cameras, flat screen TVs, and all things tech.

Whether we openly discuss it or not, the phone you carry now says something about you. But just what you think it says about you versus what others might think it says about you is open to interpretation.

Here's one take by the folks at C-Section comics. Peruse and share your thoughts on how you view users of iPhones vs. Androids vs. BlackBerrys. Is this comic spot on or not?

(Image credit: C-Section Comics)


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Trent posted a comment   

doesnt seem to cover enough ground....
what about samsung, LG, Sony (non android) and the Windows Mobile users.
WM IS the other major Smartphone system around


T posted a comment   

Nokia users doesn't register on these people's consciousness.


stu posted a comment   

How about Nokia user


GrahamL1 posted a reply   

see above comment ;o)


GetWithTheTimes posted a comment   

Blackberry as a "smart phone" for shame, this comic would have been relevant 2 years ago.


DVSTA8 posted a comment   

Agree...very funny.
Although i would change the iPhone user to carrying an hour glass (indicating the software is only relevant/stable for a certain time)


TereraiD posted a comment   

ahah this is hilarious


haha posted a comment   

So you're an andriod user then.


. . . posted a comment   

I have to agree with the iPhone and blackberry. With android though, it's too many different phones. It's which phone not platform in my opinion.

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