What's it like to build Lego for a living?

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Building Lego for a living sounds like a pretty sweet gig. CNET Australia caught up with the only Lego Certified Professional in the southern hemisphere to find out exactly how sweet.

There are some rare and wonderful jobs out there. One job is in fact so rare that only one southern hemisphere resident holds it: Ryan McNaught, Lego Certified Professional. McNaught, who is a father of two, gets to spend his days playing with little plastic bricks.

We caught up with him at the Sydney Brick Show to find out exactly what he does — and how exactly he managed to land what has to be one of the best jobs in the world.

McNaught will be appearing at a special Star Wars Lego event taking place at Westfield Doncaster in Melbourne in celebration of May the Fourth (aka Star Wars Day). Find out more about it here.

The images below include a few of McNaught's creations, as well as some others that appeared at the 2013 Sydney Brick Show.

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