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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

What's wrong with internet commenters?

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Mathemusician Vi Hart has provided an awesome video guide to understanding nasty commenters on the internet.

We love Vi Hart for her fun videos explaining mathematical concepts — often using music to illustrate them. This video is a little bit different from her usual fare — but made us love her all the more.

You guys are mostly a pretty cool bunch, and we appreciate the overall civility in our comments section. We can probably all agree, though, that YouTube's comment section can be one of the most unkind places on the internet.

Vi Hart manages to keep producing her excellent videos in spite of the occasional bad egg. Here, she tells us how she deals with bullying, hateful comments. We'd have been happy to leave it at "existential dread", but it's worth watching the entire thing. And then watching it again.

You can check out more Vi Hart on her fantastic YouTube channel.

And for an added bonus, here's her most recent video, explaining how to fold time and space:

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