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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

When real birds tweet

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(Credit: Voldemars Dudum)

An art project in Latvia, which saw real birds get their own Twitter account, looks to be returning early next year.

Everyone has the right to be heard ... That's why we have fixed the biggest internet injustice of all time, and gave Twitter back to original twitterers, the birds!

In the cold Latvian winter, the poor little feathered folk have a devil of a time finding food.

So what happens when you combine hungry birds with a marketing campaign to push the social presence of Latvia's independent IR magazine? If you're conceptual artist Voldemars Dudum, it's an old keyboard cleverly arrayed with cubes of pork fat to create the Twitter account @hungry_birds.

As the birds swoop in and start pecking at the bacon, the keys press and the birds tweet.

When winter ends, so does the project, with the bird-tweets drawing to a halt in March of this year — but not before Dudums won a host of awards for the campaign:

  • 2012 Webby People's Voice Award Winner for Online Guerilla & Innovation
  • 2011 ADC*E 2011 Gold for Interactive
  • 2011 Kiev Advertising Festival - Best of Show for Interactive
  • 2011 Golden Hammer Gold
  • 2011 Latvian Art Directors Club Adwards - Silver

But winter has dawned again in the northern hemisphere, and a cryptic tweet from the account, bearing only the date 15 January 2013, bodes well for a return of the hungry chatty birds.

Stay tuned to @hungry_birds and the hungry birds live stream.


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