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While it's caused a bit of a stir of late, it's still too early to say the 3D craze has taken a hold just yet. But the number of TVs and content available is slowly growing.

best 3dtv roundup

If you've a spare AU$800 for glasses this could be you! (Credit: Sony Australia)

On the broadcast side, the government has released spectrum that is currently used for loops of the World Cup and State of Origin (channel 40 if you're in Sydney). While some TVs ship with 3D discs there is still a dearth of movies available. This has been alleviated somewhat with the release of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs last week and the pending release of Open Season and Monster House. Sadly, we'll have to wait till next year for premium titles like Alice in Wonderland and Avatar.

If you're looking to buy a TV now then choosing a 3D model will allow some degree of future-proofing. Just be aware that you'll need to buy glasses that cost between AU$100 and AU$200 each, and in the case of the Sony HX800 you'll need to buy a 3D receiver as well.

Of this crop, we'd plump for the all-rounder HX800, because even after adding the receiver and glasses it's still an excellent deal. Buy one of the bigger models such as the 46- or 50-inch if you can afford it, as the 3D experience will be that much more immersive.

The Panasonic VT20 is also a great all-rounder but the 3D isn't quite as good as Sony's system. The Sony LX900 is a pretty good buy — but huge — and the Samsung is good at everything else but 3D. Too much eye-straining cross-talk to fully recommend as a full-time 3D TV.

While we've yet to review the LG LX9500, we have seen several demos and think it's another promising all-rounder. Look out for our full review soon.

Incidentally, LG also makes the best 3D we've seen yet — a passive model that eliminates crosstalk altogether — but while it's been released in the UK sadly it won't be coming to Australia, at least this year.

We'll continue adding TVs to this list as more become available. In the next few years we can see 3D becoming as ubiquitous as teletext. Oops, bad example. As common as 1080p, then. Not everyone will take advantage of it, but it will always be there.

If you're interested in finding out more about the technology visit our guide: 3D TV, everything you need to know.

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Mofo posted a comment   

The HX900 is fully backlit


TBag posted a comment   

The HX900 is not full LED backlit.

And the technology that allows for 3D in the Nintendo only allows for depth into the screen not out of it, and it's been around for quite a while.

If you don't want 3D... don't use it. Simple! Wait for your holograms and rocket packs.


Adz posted a reply   

HX900 is Full LED backlit, just like their old XBR45,

*Intelligent Dynamic LED Backlight with OptiContrast Panel*

Backlight Module: Intelligent Dynamic LED

This is one of the key differences , that and the 400Pro system


bkob posted a reply   

The lx900 is not backlit LED. it is edge-lit


Adz posted a reply   

yes the LX900 is EDGE..but the HX900 is full backlit. Please read more carefully


Adz posted a reply   

yes the LX900 is EDGE..but the HX900 is full backlit. Please read more carefully


bkob posted a reply   

The lx900 is not backlit LED. it is edge-lit


Adz posted a reply   

yes the LX900 is EDGE..but the HX900 is full backlit. Please read more carefully


Adz posted a comment   

The HX800 is great being dynamic Edge LED, however waiting on the HX900 will be the better being full LED BACK LIT. Correct with the stereoscopic,they can do it on Tv's easily but pointless unless you are a lone bachelor who doesn't have any friends. The Samsung is rubbish, constant flicker, really just a relabeled version of last year with crap 3D. Panasonic not too bad either and with the near instant response time makes it lovely. Still LCD vs Plasma though haha.And I agree get digital working 100% with full coverage first and maybe we will be happy!


mark posted a comment   

LX9500 is available in stores, the adds are on TV all the time. its the only and thinnest 3D full/direct type LED TV in the market. also its an active shutter not a passive system 3D.

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