Which T? Choosing the right Sony Cyber-shot ultracompact camera

CNET.com.au provides advice for choosing among Sony's Cyber-shot ultracompact digital camera models.

Unlike with Canon cameras, Sony's tend to evaporate quickly from the market soon after their replacements ship. That means it's hard to find deals on older Sony models, and that you only have a small window of opportunity to buy an older model if its replacement is worse.

The T100 is practically gone and the T200 will likely disappear shortly, despite the fact that each is better than its predecessor. The T100 is also the last of the T series cameras to eschew a touch screen.

They're all pretty fast and indistinguishable from each other when it comes to speed; the T300 is the slowest of the lot by a smidge, however.

  • If you want the cheapest, get the T20.

  • For the smallest or the funkiest colours, get the T2.

  • For the largest LCD or the longest zoom, opt for the T300.

  • For the best compromise between screen size and compactness, the T70 makes the grade.

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