White BlackBerry Z10 on sale at Telstra

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Optus may have been the first to sell the Z10, but Telstra has the exclusive on the white version.

White BlackBerry.
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The BlackBerry Z10 has definitely arrived, with the new handset now on both Telstra and Optus.

Telstra's top tier plan has the Z10 for zero handset cost on AU$130 a month, with unlimited talk and text, plus 3GB of data. The low end is AU$67 a month for AU$600 of voice calls and MMS, unlimited text and just 1GB of data.

Comparing the two sets of plans, the top tier for both Telstra and Optus — the AU$130 a month — has exactly the same total cost over 24 months, being AU$3120, with Optus offering an extra 1GB of data.

At a more moderate $80 a month level, Optus will cost you AU$1968 for 24 months and offers 2GB of data, AU$850 worth of calls and unlimited texts, but will also want AU$2 a month in handset repayments. Over on Telstra, you'll pay AU$1920 for the 24 months, and receive 1.5GB of data and AU$800 of calls.

Remember that the Z10 will connect to 4G networks, and that the white Z10 will be exclusive to Telstra until 26 June, just in case either of those are essential to your decision making.

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