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Finally, there's an easy way to make sure that you're not giving secret access to your Facebook, Twitter and Google accounts.

If you've ever given an app or a website access to your Twitter, Facebook or other social networking profiles, or if you've ever used your Twitter or Facebook details to log in to another website, then it's a good idea to check on your permission settings every now and then.

Permissions are different to your general privacy settings. When you use an app or a website that asks you to use a social log-in, you're giving it some level of access to your account information. But even when you stop using that tool, it could still have access — long after you've forgotten that you ever used it.

Permissions can be very difficult to find, so checking up on your permission settings isn't always easy to remember. But some very nice people have set up a website that offers direct links to the permissions pages for all of the major social networks.

Head on over to MyPermissions.org, and you can click straight through to Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Dropbox, Instagram, Flickr and a whole bunch of other services. Then you can easily see what applications and websites currently hold permissions around your account, and you can quickly delete these permissions with a minimum of fuss.

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GrigoryjP posted a comment   

Cleaning up Facebook apps permissions with this extension takes seconds :) Check this out https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-apps-cleaner/ondelibpmpkngfglohbfpfipdagnhpkb

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