Why go Retina? Apple dishes out lots of reasons

Apple, of course, has to justify the AU$2500 starting price for a computer. So it's offering plenty reasons for you to get a Retina MacBook Pro.

(Credit: Apple)

Wondering whether you should part with $AU2499 for a MacBook Pro with Retina display? That is, after all, a lot for a laptop these days.

Apple is trying to make that decision easier by offering lots of reasons to buy a MacBook Pro Retina. While professionals may need little convincing, will the average user care?

Here is the list of core benefits that Apple is claiming for the Retina MacBook Pro:

  • Raw specs: 15.4-inch screen, 2800x1800 resolution, 220 pixels per inch (ppi). By comparison, the third-generation iPad is 2048x1536 and 264 ppi

  • It has higher contrast ratios, deeper blacks, better viewing angle (via IPS tech), reduced glare and reflection (by up to 75 per cent), according to Phil Schiller

  • OS X Lion has been updated to take full advantage of the Retina display. "Reading your mail is like reading fine print," said Schiller. Reality check: it will take a while for non-Apple applications to go Retina, if indeed lots do

  • Safari: "surfing the web can be like experiencing print quality," Schiller said. It's sharper than a printed page. Reality check: that doesn't necessarily apply to other web browsers

  • iPhoto: "looking at thumbnail photos in the events view, you'll see a clarity and level of detail you've never seen before," Schiller said

  • There's been a "major update" to Aperture. "The whole UI has been updated for Retina ... every element ... now, you're looking at four times the resolution of your photos," Schiller said

  • Final Cut Pro: "because of the density of the Retina display, that video area in the top right ... that is 1080p HD video. That means there are over 3 million pixels left over for your magnetic timeline ... effects. Nine simultaneous streams of "ProRes" video [and] four simultaneous streams of uncompressed video [are possible now]," Schiller said

  • Adobe: there's a new version of Photoshop that takes advantage of Retina coming, according to Schiller

  • Autodesk: updated Autocad will allow "a level of detailed work not possible in a notebook before," Schiller said.

Schiller did offer a qualifier, though. "Applications do have to be updated to take advantage of the Retina display. If they aren't, we can pixel-double them and make them the proper size." Pixel doubling, as most users know, is not a pretty sight.

But getting back to the list above, similar Retina-justifying arguments were made by Apple for the third-generation iPad Retina. And Apple didn't have much trouble convincing consumers to buy it (me included).

Then again, this isn't an AU$540 iPad. It's an AU$2500 computer.

See the Apple MacBook Pro video for more details.


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JazzoS posted a comment   

I like the new MacBook. Of course, you got to get real. You have to consider how much you can spend and if it really is for you. For graphic designers it it perfect but don't push your budget too far just because you "want it"If you have the money buy it if you don't, you need to hire a personal accountant!


Adam86 posted a comment   

I'm placing my order.People keep saying $2500 is too expensive but I know I'll still be using this laptop in 5 years.Not one pc I've had comes close to lasting that long.. And I've had a lot of different brands over the years.


Will1505 posted a reply   

yeah and in the three years you could have updated three times and spent the same amount lol


Adam86 posted a reply   

That was my point. Why buy 3 PC's when you can buy 1 mac!!! Or is the environment no issue to you?


Will1505 posted a reply   

its not like they can't be recycled. Why stay with the same old tech for five years when you can get upgrades every three.


SunAd posted a comment   

another bullshit this is pure rubbish who would support this display since handful of software available? for them and 3rd Gen processor and just few gimick worth this much ? probably for I Sheep and Cnet may happy abt this bcause they got some thing to be happy and be curious IOS6 so call imporvement just a pure copy of Android and WP!!!! good luck Apple atleast people will understand Apple not innovators just buy some else technology and boasting like they made!!!(Siri,3D map) if the retina display not out there what would happen? and there not bold or brave still going with stagnet old fashion chassis if they would have brave enoguh should bring new style? Cnet may try to find some reason to justfy Apple brrowed technology however your running out ideas Mr Apple!!!!! if this is the company rulling PC/Laptop market i would say god bless to people they are money Shark.....................

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