Wii U day-one update 'bricking' some consoles

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The Wii U's unpopular 5GB firmware update is reportedly causing big problems for some users.

Just to be clear, the update doesn't actually do this.
(Credit: Nintendo; CNET Australia)

Although Australians won't see the Wii U until 30 November, the next-gen console has already launched in the US.

Already under fire for the massive 5GB day-one firmware update that users require to activate a number of system features — such as Miiverse, the online store and the compatibility for older Wii games — reports are coming in that interruptions to the download can render some consoles inoperable.

Ars Technica noted that a number of forum posts and tweets — including one from LA Times reporter Ben Fritz — indicated that interruptions to power or internet access during the update won't just require you to try again; it'll actually kill your console completely.

While there's no official comment from Nintendo yet, bricked consoles should be covered by the standard warranty, and — fingers crossed — the issue will be sorted by the time of the Australian launch.

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PhillipS posted a comment   

Update: The guy who started the panic, a one Ben Fritz, apparently realizes his mistake and I certainly harbor no resentment towards him (despite calling him a moron in the last post).

CNET on the other hand, I'm still very disappointed you guys didn't even fact check this before posting it. -_-


PhillipS posted a comment   

Get your facts straight and do some damn research (for once) cnet!

First of all, the update is NOT 5GB. This was a misinterpretation of a Nintendo reps words when they described how many GBs the system data takes up.

The download is only 1 - 1.2GB, and it can be downloaded in the background.
Source: http://aussie-gamer.com/news/wii-u-day-one-update-is-only-1gb-can-be-downloaded-in-background/#/vanilla/discussion/embed/?vanilla_discussion_id=0

Also, the guy (calling himself a journalist) who initially complained about this was a moron who decided the update was too slow so he didn't want to bother, and yanked out the power cord mid-update. OF COURSE it will brick if you do that, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to follow simple instructions "Do not power off the console during the update".


JasonLee posted a reply   

Nintendo would've fixed the bricking issue on the Wii U consoles


JasonLee posted a reply   

Nintendo would've fixed the bricking problem on the Wii U


ei_samus posted a comment   

I'm assuming it's an interruption during the installation and not the download, I've read that it's been designed to pick up where the download left off if it loses connection (pretty important considering the size). Here's hoping the PAL version ships with it pre installed.

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