Wii U preview going live on the web

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Tomorrow night, Nintendo will be live streaming a preview of the Wii U console all around the globe.

(Credit: Nintendo)

We have so far been very un-wowed by the Wii U. In the past, Nintendo has been a very forward-thinking innovator when it comes to both video-game software and hardware, though, so we can't help feeling as though there's something we're missing — which is why Nintendo's global preview of the console has us curious.

On Thursday, 13 September, at midnight on the dot (AEST), the Nintendo Europe president is going to give a public demonstration and closer look at the Wii U and its touchscreen controller via Nintendo Direct. You can watch it here.

We'll have more news after the stream if you miss it. Meanwhile, our fingers are crossed that it pulls something stunning out of the hat.

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