Will the iPhone 5S have NFC and biometrics?

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Rumours suggest that a Taiwanese firm will provide NFC chips and fingerprint sensors for Apple's next phone.

NFC coming for the next iPhone.
(Credit: Apple)

Near Field Communications, better known as NFC, has become a default for handset manufacturers, allowing them to easily integrate a number of features including one-tap data sharing and device pairing, as well as mobile payments.

It's also been a feature conspicuously missing from the iPhone 5. However, if rumours coming via The China Times are accurate, NFC will make an appearance in the iPhone 5S, along with fingerprint sensors.

Taiwanese chipmaker Chipbond has apparently been selected to provide the components that will enable this functionality on the next iPhone. The report suggests that the fingerprint sensor will be used to provide additional security for NFC payments, in keeping with Apple's acquisition of security firm AuthenTec last year.

Foxconn is reportedly gearing up its Apple manufacturing centres to begin iPhone 5S production, with the big money being on an August launch.

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MarkA8 posted a comment   

Nic, given Apple paid $365 million for the US based Authentec Biometics last year, they might just be using that technology ?

Authentec was the leading biometric provider globally with fantastic sensor technology. Apple took them out of the picture leaving a gaping hole in that sector.

Motorola had the Authentec sensor in their Atrix 4G and Fujitsu was using the sensors in their Japanese phones years ago.

Authentec technology will be used in the phone, no question, perhaps it is stamped out in a factory in Taiwan.


MitchellT posted a comment   

you think apple will be bothered to do that, they will never catch up, and just keep making their phones taller with minor changes. look at how android phones evolve...


Shannon.Roberts posted a comment   

Have to agree. I was be rushing for this Iphone 5 as i have a windfall of dramas with WiFi compatibility issues, the evidence speaks for itself on the Apple Forum, just google search Apple WiFi issues :).

Going to wait till the dust settings this time to see how it goes, otherwise i'll be jumping ship and go to something else.


trancedictive posted a comment   

Iphone keeps playing catch up.

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