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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Will the Sony Ericsson Xperia Duo really be this powerful?

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We'll admit to being a little bewildered after seeing the Sony Ericsson line-up at CommunicAsia. While the Xperia Ray and Active look like good mid-range phones, it did leave us wanting much more. Sort of like the phone described below.

Phone Arena has translated information from a Chinese forum with information about an upcoming Sony Ericsson superphone called Xperia Duo. According to the rumours, the Xperia Duo will pack a dual-core 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor with 1.5GB RAM and a 4.5-inch qHD Reality display with the Sony Bravia Engine in support. Internet forums aren't the most reputable sources of industry information, we know, and the specs are a little hard to swallow, but we can dream right?

The best part of this rumour, but the hardest to believe, is that the Xperia Duo will include a 2500mAh battery. Not that we're saying a phone with this hardware couldn't use it, but it seems unlikely Sony Ericsson could use a battery like this and keep the size, weight and cost down. That said, we'd be happy to be proved wrong.

The icing on this cake (baked with rumour-milled flour) is that the original posters are claiming a September release date for the phone. While this would coincide nicely with the supposed launch schedule for the next-generation iPhone, something tells us this might be jumping the gun a little.


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JasonM2 posted a comment   

I'll believe it when I see it. More importantly I really would like to be able to just go out and buy this phone online, and not have somebodies bloatware all through it. Then I have to go through the hassle of having to root it, flash the firmware - blah blah blah.

I Was really taken by the Xperia ARC, a work colleague has got one, but as I need a NextG compatible version I'm stuck with having to source one with an overseas Telco's bloatware. If I buy a new car I don't expect to find somebodies dirty socks under the seat stinking the cabin out, so why do I have to put up with that sort of treatment with a smartphone?

I'd be as happy as a pig in mud with a shiny new NextG compatible Misty Silver Xperia ARC, probably not going to happen, so the dream on the horizon of an even better Xperia Duo will keep my interest, at least until my hopes are dashed on the rocks once again.

End of rant.


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

There's a good chance that if Sony Ericsson is planning to launch this by the end of the year that Telstra saw it about the same time it saw the Arc and made a decision to hold off. I'm speculating here, but perhaps your patience will pay off.


EdipB posted a comment   

Okay I agree that September is a little too close, but I honeslty don't care how fat this phone is, with tose features, I'd love it regardless. People put cases on their phones that make it fatter anyway.
Companies rival for the thinest phones, yet consumers bulk it up with accessories in the end.
See that iPhone 4 case that looks like a casette? it's as think as two iphone on top of each other.
So that said, I want this phone, even if it's as bulky as a brick.

Oh an i reckon they can do this. They sent out the Playstaion Vita. didn't that have a quad core processor? i reckon it can be done . . .

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