WIN Gold digital station launches, not what it sounds

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Derek loves nothing more than punching a remote location into a GPS, queuing up some music and heading out on a long drive, so it's a good thing he's in charge of CNET Australia's Car Tech channel.

Nine Network affiliate WIN has launched a new digital channel WIN Gold, but before you get too excited, it's a home shopping channel in the style of Seven's TV4Me and Nine's Extra.

Despite bearing a name that brings to mind either Olympics glory or classic TV (or both), the station will feature primarily advertorial content interspersed with, WIN promises, "education, lifestyle and community programming". The cynic in us would suggest that the only one standing to win any gold from the arrangement is WIN.

The new station should be available from today (1 May) in all regions served by WIN — that's Adelaide and Perth, and most of regional Australia, except for the Northern Territory, Newcastle and northern NSW. In regional areas, Gold can be found on channel 84, while in Adelaide and Perth, it resides on channel number 94.

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OdiumT posted a comment   

i am sick of this channel already. INFOTAINMENT does not exist outside of a doccumentary and i think calling any of your programming such is false advertising,.
which brings me to the next point.
this shamless attempt at money grabbing makes me sick. so much so i do not watch win now and gone so far as to direct other people to avoid it. with any luck your revenue stream will come to a grinding halt and you will re-think wasting a perfectly good digital signal that could be used for a REAL tv station with REAL shows and REAL entertainment.

~you suck gold.


bestestimes posted a comment   

Cnet tv on 4me should be like the youtube ch's with top 5's, and all that stuff the u.s. cnet does so well. wisg this could be on a hd ch. a technologhy show in bad quality hmmm.. i guess its cheeper to have the show on 4me. i do watch a lot (only to see cnet tv). but just looks eww on my 42" Full hd samsung lcd tv. and as for Gold. its just rubbish. as for me i get my cnet fix off youtube and love it. molly wood and the others rock. i notice tv4me and gold are not on Mystar hd :( i want to be able to record cnet tv to my austar's mystar recorder and never miss an epp with series link. i have found some great apps on cnet tv for my samsung galaxy note. i also have the cnet tv app and cnet news app and i love them. thanks. maybe cnet tv could be on community ch Aurora Community Channel 183 on pay tv.


TimboR posted a comment   

Why people feel that they can complain about a service that is provided to them free, and who are not forced to view this is beyond me. Be grateful you don't have to pay $80 per month and still get the same thing on tv.

Stop complaining. If you don't like it, front the millions of dollars to start your own station and then you can have a say.


RobbieM3 posted a comment   

I have nothing against Channel 9 adding a television station running predominantly advertorial content 24/7 so long as they now remove it from their other stations. For example, across their three other stations in Cairns this morning at 3am we have Danoz on Win, Home Shopping on Gem and Danoz on Go. ALL advertising. Sucks to be an insomniac!


wallE posted a comment   

another grab for advertising dollars at the expense of HD channels and HD programs


DanielM5 posted a comment   

not another home shopping channel like "4 me" MAYBE win gold should be a channel that shows OLD tv series like "the flying doctors", stingers, water rats, apoclis now ( greek comedy that was aussie made), skippy, a country practice.

thats what i should show OLD tv series NOT home shopping, community and education


ozoneocean posted a comment   

No wonder no one watches much TV anymore.
What next? A 24 hour darts, snooker and lawn bowls channel?
Oh TV, you're SOooooo with it. I'm hip to your dig dady'O, lets go pop some goofballs. Right-on!


Derek Fung posted a reply   

I believe Ten tried that 24-hour darts, snooker and lawn bowls concept with the original One HD ;-)

Still infinitely better than this stuff, IMHO.


MatthewP6 posted a comment   

This reminds me that I was channel hopping last night and stumbled across Cnet on TV4ME. I wouldn't typically stop and watch anything on this channel, but this was interesting. I don't ever remember seeing this TV Spot promoted on your website. Derek, why two stories in 5 weeks about Nine's Extra, but nothing plugging Cnet's presence on TV4ME? Rather than still profile photos here on your site, I got to watch you guys running around on TV - woohoo!

Sorry to say, while Cnet probably won't win any Logie's, at least your approach to reviews, info etc., is easier to watch than other programs attempts at Tech or Game Segments. The variety in your 30 min slot is commendable.


JasonM2 posted a comment   

Limited bandwidth, so what do they do, introduce another Channel broadcasting SPAM. FTA Television is fast becoming a joke in this country.

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