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Got a killer app idea, but lack the skills to make it happen? Content provider Cutting Edge is running a competition for the best app idea — and the prize is getting it made for free.

(Credit: Cutting Edge)

Just as everyone has an idea for a book inside them, everyone has a concept for an app; but the coding and design skills to get it out there are rather harder to come by.

Post-production house Cutting Edge, based in Brisbane, does have those skills — and, in a campaign called "Make Me Appy", is putting them up for grabs.

Open Australia-wide to members of the advertising, production, design and marketing industries, the prize is a fully designed, developed and launched app up to the value of AU$20,000.

Before you ask, the winner will retain ownership rights to the app, although Cutting Edge will retain the rights to the source code.

You will have 200 words to make your case, and the competition closes on 31 August 2012 — but you may make as many entries as you like. Head over to the Cutting Edge website to read the terms and conditions, find out more about the competition and make an entry.

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Im Batman posted a comment   

interesting concept .. great way of getting some new ideas.
most contests you give up your personal details which they use for marketing in the hope of winning a prize... this one, you give up "novel" ideas in the hope of winning an app ...

(will check the fine print to see if they are allowed to use your ideas if you are not successful or if your ideas are protected etc)
... will probably put in an entry anyway

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