Windows 7 demo: Window management

Moving, resizing and arranging windows on the screen has been one of those things we've done since the earliest days of Microsoft Windows. If you've used Windows since, oh, 1995 or so, you know the maximise, minimise and restore buttons like the back of your hand.

But those old-school tools just don't cut it with today's big monitors and high-definition resolutions. Our colleague from ZDNet Ed Bott shows you a cool new set of gestures and shortcuts to help you move, resize and arrange windows more intelligently in Windows 7.

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Jo posted a comment   

I would like to try window 7 out before I buy it. Is that possible?


madnut posted a comment   

fantastic, those were wonderful tips. I was wondering why the heck was windows maximising everytime but now i know how to control it. Thanks,


The Truth Train posted a comment   

And I'm not that excited about your syntax.


RichardM1 posted a comment   

With respect this is no earth shattering stuff.
Honestly I still not excited about Windows 7

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