Windows 7 world tour wallpapers

Thanks to Windows 7, there will always be some corner of your desktop that is forever Australia. Or Canada, England, France, Russia, China, Mexico, Italy, Turkey, South Africa or wherever your heart calls home because localised wallpapers are included in the newest iteration of Microsoft's operating system.

Windows 7 is here, kind of: the release candidate is out as a soft launch ahead of the proper finished version, which is expected sometime before the end of this year. Among the new features are a fistful of new wallpapers created by illustrators and designers. But if you like your computer to reflect a little piece of home, you can choose from a large selection wallpapers depicting scenes from specific countries.

Each of the beautiful photographs in our collection here shows a slice of landscape from Australia, the UK, Canada, the US or South Africa. The files take up 19.2MB of disk space, divided into folders depicting each country. Some are obvious landmarks, while others are a little more generic.

Click through our gallery to see the wallpapers, some of which are frankly stunning. While you're at it, find that part of your brain that stores geography trivia and see if you can name them all. Some are easier than others, so good luck.

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Jon posted a comment   

The American Light House is Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in New Harbor, Maine.


Torment1971 posted a comment   

Dunnottar Castle near Stonehaven in Scotland


mise posted a comment   

Can anyone tell me where this castle is located. It does not look very English to me.

Scotland maybe?


Ed G posted a comment   

How can you get all of these?

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