Windows 8.1 update might be as late as April

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The much-rumoured and oft-leaked next update for Windows 8.1 looked set for a March delivery date.

(Screenshot by Ed Rhee/CNET)

Now, sources in Microsoft have told our sister site ZDNet that delivery of the update may shift to April. It's unknown what caused the delay, but the word is that March was always going to be an ambitious date to make.

There's also been a little clarification on the rumours that the update could change a device's settings to default to the desktop on start-up, bypassing the Metro Start screen.

It now seems that the 'desktop default' will be for PCs and devices that don't have a touchscreen. Any new devices which fit that bill and ship with the updated build of Windows 8.1 will have this setting.

Conversely, if you download the update and upgrade, your settings will remain the same.

The update still looks set to include a number of changes to enhance functionality with keyboard and mouse, including the ability to pin Metro apps to the desktop task bar.

It'll just be doing it in April, rather than March, it seems.

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CarmelB posted a comment   

tis April 8th today. So where is the windows 8.1 uodate that has been promised to be available today


PrimaccessH posted a comment   

I hope this update will resolve every problem.


DarrenB4 posted a comment   

Does anyone really care about windows 8.x? i don't think so based on my personal experience and the large number of articles about the lack of interest and penetration of this OS version.History has clearly shown that Microsoft has a hit and miss success with Windows versions - Windows XP - win (no pun intended), Vista - disaster, Windows 7 - win, Windows 8 - disaster.Based on this track record, I am guessing like so many other IT Professionals and commentators that Windows 9 will be a winner...Interesting the leaked information about his upcoming point release highlights that Microsoft is holding back the complete reinsertion of the "Start Menu" - so from my prospective there is very little to be excited about in this upcoming release.Just my $1 worth of personal opinions. Have a great day!

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