Windows 8 to go RTM in August, released October

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In an unsurprising move, Microsoft has announced a late October launch for Windows 8, with release to manufacturing (RTM) in August.

(Credit: Microsoft)

According to Ars Technica the announcement was made in Toronto, Canada, at the keynote for Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference, where Microsoft VP Tami Reller showed off the coming Windows 8 eco-system of tablets, ultrabooks and more.

While not providing specific dates, the RTM is expected to hit the first week of August, while the release date is scheduled for "late" October. Windows Server 2012 is expected to follow the same time frame.

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thesorehead posted a comment   

I've been trying out the Win8 Preview on a spare Core2 AIO and daaaaamn I want this OS. Bought XP for $199; Win7 Pro for $99; would be happy to pay $40 for Win8 having used it for a bit.

August, be here already!

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